1. Freebie

    Didn’t work.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    why is she so fucking orange, and in what world does this look good??

    • zomgbie

      the same world where making ur ass look like a xlrg bean bag floor pillow is hot n sexy.

    • Jack Ketch

      The whole family is orange, no ? This woman will suffer the same fate at Michael Jackson if she gets any more nose surgery … she’ll have to wear a fake one, lol ! Actually, I take that back … Khloe isn’t orange …

  3. barbosa

    Subtle.. *cocks head to the side*

  4. Gumption

    the nose, for god sakes please use those censor stars on her and kim’s nose. their plastic surgeon hates them

  5. senpai

    fucking satanists

  6. Yummy

    I’d let her ride me all night long. Older women have experience on how to please a man. Bet she gives fantastics blow jobs.

  7. Jon

    Kim cut her hair.. oh noes.

  8. Lynn A.

    And her eyebrows said – “I’m BATMAN!”

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