1. Toni

    Jocelyn Wildestein’s looking okay these days.

  2. kulit

    she looks so plastic. feeling kinda sad for her. so much insecurity that she had to botch up her face.

  3. Mikka

    looks like diana form V .. w/o the human costume ¬¬

  4. Jack Napier

    She’s trying out for the new meow mix commercial. F’n cat face.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    suffering from the same disease as Ms. Montag

  6. Kitty

    YIKES! maybe just weird angels….

  7. i think she is so beautiful, she does look like a cat meow

  8. Roxie

    Oh give me a fucking break. Her Eyes look Alien and she is pretty much unrecognizable. She was pretty before but now she just looks like every other chick that had work done on her face.

  9. DoorLocks


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