1. anon

    she looks like the actress who plays Susan’s daughter on Desperate Housewives in this photo

  2. A comment of the week that was actually well thought out! I am impressed! (and no it doesn’t take much ;) )

  3. katy

    holy hair extensions

  4. SIN

    I thought it was Alannis Morrisette

  5. Milf

    “That’s right, you’re free! And… you can come over and babysit my stepchildren this afternoon, right? RIGHT?”

  6. me

    My thoughts exactly Fish. The first thing I thought when I seen the new doo is “The official “insane mother” hairstyle”. Casey Anthony, Octo-mom, Angelina Jolie….. Won’t be suprised if Jolie chops her locks or goes blonde very soon!

  7. DoorLocks

    die cunt

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