1. Cock Dr

    I just wish I knew WTF he’s actually doing, and what he’s doing it to.

    • TomFrank

      Yeah, c’mon Canadians who come to this site, help us out here.

      • I’m Canadian but would have had no clue if not for the poster below. :/

      • cheeri-o

        I am also canadian and i feel stereotyped when you assume i would know what he is doing just because im canadian.. you would be better of asking a native american..i would actually recommend that he not do that; it doesnt look safe.

  2. Blech

    Probably smelling the leather…

  3. GuyLeDouche

    Just after blowing his nose on the gift of a mammoth merkin handed down over thousands of years by the Smakmiarse Eskimo tribe, Prince William had to flee to Hollywood to escape their wrath.

  4. TurboZinger

    OK, I’m a Canadian and I know what he’s doing. Those moccasins are made of traditionally tanned moosehide (not factory tanned) and the tanning process includes smoking the hide.

    Real hand-tanned moosehide has a strong and distinct smoky smell, and that’s why he’s sniffing it. It’s a nice smell, actually.

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