1. Lemmiwinks


  2. illcutya

    That’s pretty funny. Good for Hef, though. Chick is uber hot.

  3. WMR

    You gotta admit: Hugh gives new meaning to the term “replaceable parts”. The dude gets dumped at the altar and does not miss a beat. Actually, he’s probably relieved that her “mask” came off before he drove her off the lot (excuse the mixed metaphor). Rock on, HUGH!

    • The chicks he bangs all look exactly alike: fake tits, bleached blond hair, dead eyes. He probably doesn’t even realize when the girls change.

      • Gemma

        Maybe it’s not him who switches girls, maybe its his staff.
        You know, kinda lika parents who secretly replace their kids dead goldfish with a new one that looks exactly like the old one.

        Hef probably thinks he’s still dating the same blonde from two decades ago.

      • meh


  4. Cock Dr

    That’s a damned strong start.

  5. Mama Pinkus

    no amount of money in the world would enable me to suck on his wrinkled old sausage

  6. and i hear i though one of the most important people on the internet was me…………

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