1. jm

    Don’t recall Ice-T being in NWA…

  2. Ace of Spades

    I just had to share this on Facebook because it is SO freakin’ true. Props to CC.

  3. Ace of Spades

    Oh, and I have to note: NWA was with Ice Cube, not Ice T, but still… as a front man for Body Count, that ain’t too far fetched.

  4. So close, and yet….

  5. bob

    This clownshoe fuck was nowhere near NWA, pull this shit down.

  6. Ice Cube looks like hell.

  7. kimmykimkim

    NWA would’ve kicked Ice-T’s ass.

  8. fartbucket

    That’s like saying Jimi Hendrix was in Led Zeppelin.

  9. chinny

    Yeah, this is terrible. At least get the reference right if you’re going to make a joke.

  10. rantatonne

    its funny. so what if he wasn’t in NWA partic duffy has never been a leg replacement and none of the kardashians have been in starwars… yet, I hope George Lucas doesn’t frequent blogs cause you know he’ll cg her in to tap a yet un mined audience

  11. the whole enchilada

    agree. take this down due to huge reference fail.

  12. Squishy


  13. cc

    Big freakin’ deal. Bunch of fuckin’ Philadelphia lawyers in here today. If it makes you happy I’ll wave an original Sugar Hill Gang LP in front of your nose.

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