1. Urbanspaceman

    The “John Candy” quip was funnier.

  2. dinky

    Miss Piggy and John Candy have a lovechild ?

  3. Lisa

    Jesus, look at the size of that fucking head.

    • cc

      You see, contrary to popular belief the Kardashians don’t really trace their lineage back to Armenia, they trace it back to Easter Island.

  4. kirby

    she looks like a rich Sultan.

  5. Nug

    Even her bag’s giant.

  6. M

    Does anyone honestly still believe they had the same father?

  7. edamame

    Pregnant and extra pregnant.
    They want Kim to ride out all of the publicity of her engagement before they announce… I’m just guessing.

  8. Barbara-x-

    leave her alone peeps

  9. rosie o’donnell looks like she lost some weight

  10. Hey Hick Fuck You

    Do not make kardashian smash! You know like Kardashian when he is angry!

  11. She’s the Shemp of the Kardashian sisters.

  12. marisa

    gosh that giant kardashian chic’s a MONSTER!

  13. DollFace

    I hate this site. You’re all a bunch of 30 year old losers who wish they were famous and beautiful but instead work boring 9 to 5′s and try to hit on young girls. Attention, you male freaks! We don’t want your old, wrinkly asses.Grossness!

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