1. jenna


  2. Urbanspaceman

    How many bags would it take to make this do-able?

  3. moldovian nights

    as a doctor, this looks like craniodiaphyseal dysplasia to me. it’s an extremely rare, disfiguring, sclerotic bone disorder. The condition usually results in neurological disorders and death during childhood. but then again,
    what do i know, i’m just a doctor of philosophy

  4. Nug

    Why on Earth would scientists think it would be a good idea, to combine the DNA of Christina Aguilera and Amanda Bynes?

  5. Best comment so far. Made me crack up.

  6. fap

    On plus side she’s giving us all the fuckyou finger.

  7. michmasterflex

    who the hell is that

  8. Turd Ferguson


  9. Squishy

    An unfortunate meeting between a lousy plastic surgeon and a horrible chemical peel or three…poor chick didn’t know what hit her!

  10. boy, that chimp attack lady’s new face isnt all that great

  11. I want to look like THIS (holds up jack o’lantern)

  12. Anon

    God dammit!!

  13. Ah, Jocelyn. I think you’re beyond any reconstructive help now.

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