1. herome


  2. Ellia

    How’s that funny?

    • Anna

      to understand most of the comments you probably need to know all of the shows and movies and the history of US entertainment. I don’t understand what’s funny about most of the comments either.

    • Jovy

      A polite way of saying “OOGA BOOGA WHERE THE WHITE WOMEN AT?!” you dunce.

  3. Scott

    Great to laugh out loud from the first one already. Ellia I guess you never saw Fresh Prince of Bel Aire

  4. Sera

    He used to be slim :/

  5. chev70

    He has barely changed over the years, I on the other hand…………

  6. Dick Titty

    It’s not unusual to see me cry…

  7. TV's Ted Danson

    I legitimately thought this was a picture of SIN BAD.

    • Studley Hungwell

      You need to get your “whitest black guy” hierarchy right: Its 1. Wayne Brady 2. Sinbad then 3. Alfonso Ribeiro. Dude ain’t white enough to be Sinbad

  8. lol

    when i first saw this picture, i thought it was m night shyamalan.

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