1. So TRUE

    Botched boob job scar, back rolls, bad tatoos, ick,

  2. GentleFrank


  3. Martina

    fulfills almost all white trash slut requirements:

    pre-coitus bade make-up (check)
    big enhanced breasts (check)
    tattoos (check)
    hair dyed blonde (… damn …)

    3 out of 4 is enough

  4. FreshDJ

    Nobody cares – big boobs are big boobs – anyone would hit it.

  5. Critical Cretin

    You sir, were ingenious.

  6. Interred Ferguson

    ….because tits should always look like two footballs strapped to one’s chest, laces vertical………

  7. A really bad Nexus Six pleasure model for the far ,far,far colonies hence the serial number? Lmao

  8. The Dude

    Properly exposed Sideboob should entice one to seek more visual access and excite one’s imagination, not make one scrunch eyes and feel nauseous.

  9. Boeie

    Eeew, just…eewwwwww…
    And add a Blweghhhhh ‘n Yuck to it…

  10. Skeeter

    Those bolt-ons are disgusting. Nevertheless, I’d be willing to sit on her face.

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