1. banner man

    Monday just got a little bit better…thanks Bruce.

  2. DirtyFighter

    The man’s a hero

  3. JayceeM

    The epitome of cool.

  4. Joe Mahma

    Captions? Hello?!

  5. A true American hero.

  6. brother

    Mitt Romney suuuuure is bitter.

  7. eatme

    …sell out

  8. I met him at a convention and I completely spazzed out and could barely put a sentence together. I am still mortified, but at least he signed my dvd. :D

  9. AnnaD.

    Hail to the King, baby!

  10. mrbellek

    If Bruce Campbell is flipping me off, I’m certain I must have done something worth being flipped off for. Thanks Bruce!

  11. EmilyH

    This made my day. I still plan on marrying him…..even if he doesn’t know about it.

  12. Is that Joey from Friends?

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