1. Kill it! Kill it with fire!

  2. Limey

    This makes my asian midget desires go wild

  3. Cher X

    When did she become Kimora Lee?

  4. Kim Kardashian really needs to lay off of the plastic surgery, she’s starting to look a bit fake.

  5. Seriously was thinking this was some Gangnam groupie or K-pop star o_0

  6. star

    wow with scary plastic surgery she looks like kim kardashian.

  7. Skye

    Lol she must have hit up mj’s surgeon

  8. bobby

    im part chinese and part michael jackson…..jesus hide your deep fried children and pets

  9. Professor Chaos

    Me Chinese, me play joke, me put pee-pee in your coke!

  10. AWOL

    Herr-ro Rittle Kim

  11. I thought the Jackson’s only had 5 members?

  12. You love me

    J Wow is looking more freaky by the minute. Circus act.

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