1. FuManchu

    Don’t get it…

  2. Fishballs

    This chick must give phenomenal head with that huge maw.

  3. mark

    Great headline. Not.

  4. April

    Picture is easy to make fun of but I am thrilled to see a beautiful woman that doesn’t use botox or lipo.

  5. Stu

    Hahaha.. How do you NOT get that?!?!

    • CranAppleSnapple

      They obviously don’t worship the Dinklage like many of us do. How can someone not know the Dinklage?

  6. WHAT? You saw Elektra 47 times?

  7. suckmyladydick

    How sad to waste a mouth cave like that on Ben Affleck’s tiny little bitch weiner.

    • Mike Hockhurtz

      Dang! She definitely has a Puf “N’ Stuf mouth. You could put three of them (normal sized ones, not Affleck ones) in there!

  8. beastman AIDS

    holy shit that is gold!

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