1. beer for thought

    New boobs look damn good, right on Angie.

  2. TheSufFan


  3. Mama Pinkus

    everything on her gets thinner except her lips

  4. Cmonster

    Wonder if she has ‘perma-hard’ nipples since the rebuild…

  5. They are too full up top, obviously fake. They still haven’t perfected fake boobs.

  6. me

    didn’t she cut them off?

  7. dunkydoo

    i see she’s going the aniston route with the constantly perky nipples. her new boobs are too big and look so fake. she’s a swizzle stick with big boobs.

  8. anonym

    How could anyone say she’s attractive?
    Look at her face! so many manly features right there.
    It’s Jon Voight with a wig and aviators

  9. She is such a hag.

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