1. disillusionisreal

    because if they did, she’d get pregnant for the 6th time…..

  2. Blech

    I’d say longer than five years.

    But good comment!

  3. V is for Vagina

    The tag on the flag says “Made in China”. Irony.

  4. BenDoverman

    She looked better in that picture with Mittens lookin like a younger douchehound. Are we sure this isn’t that girl’s granny?

  5. moopy

    Ann is trying SO hard to be the next Michelle Obama…and hideously failing in that shirt.

  6. Pennsyltucky

    While it appears that the flag is made in the U.S. of A.,…

    but the placement of the stars is incorrect. The large spaces at the top and bottom are dead give aways,

  7. anonym

    Either he will be George W II, or the most boring president ever.

    he’s like a robot

  8. Martina

    and that flag was made in China by outsourced labor

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