1. malaka

    great unfrozen caveman lawyer reference.
    we don’t get to see those very often.

    • I think Bill Simmons had one, later on this week. You think, maybe… NAAAH! Impossible!

      Though, unless I’m mistaken, “Crouton” is French for “sports person”. Just saying.

  2. Cock Dr

    This is the one that made me LOL.

  3. Love the reference. RIP Phil Hartman.

  4. They had already sold him Ali for Lindsay’s defense costs before the judge in that case reminded him that watching Law & Order: SVU and listening to Grisham books on tape was not, in fact, “basically the same thing as Harvard Law.”

    A Lohan doesn’t just trade away a daughter and not get their moneys’ worth out of the deal. They have morals.

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