1. Laredo

    Tall, beautiful, wonderful voice, in better shape than 99% of the young bimbos in hollywood. In one word: majestic.

  2. Ozzy

    Agreed. Still beautiful

  3. unableunwilling

    Yeah, that stripper outfit with saggy sideboob is really majestic.

    • Lizzie

      Gawd I get irritated by criticism for real breasts. only silicon stays perky as you age. you’re the reason many women hate themselves.

      • Mama Pinkus

        the gal needs a bra – they’ll be touching her waist in a few years

      • unableunwilling

        Please. I’m a woman and I hate fake breasts, but that doesn’t mean I have to advocate a 40-year-old woman displaying her saggy boobs as if they were hot. They’re not. Don’t be so sanctimonious; if she weren’t dressing like a streetwalker, there would be no comment to be made.

      • Digger

        Not hot? Hawt as hell!

      • Bob

        Well, I’m a 40ish man who looks better than most guys in their 20s and I approve of that breast. That toothy smile, on the other hand…

  4. Allion


  5. anonym

    tricia milfer

  6. antinea

    Sorry guys…I’m 68 and my breasts are perkier than that…kind of sad!

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