1. Allion

    Who is that and what is that?

  2. des davy

    i’m speechless,. the one on the left needs to fix her dentures and the one on the right is a young Barry Mannilow

  3. He looks more feminine than her.

  4. It waxes. Which probably means someone had to wax it. Which means that person is now Stevie Wonder.

  5. ImOffMeMeds!

    Just wait ’til the grammys come around assholes. Tan Mom is the new Selena Gomez, and she’ll put all you haters in your places.

  6. anonymous

    Why is she called “Tan Mom”? She looks like that guy’s grandmother and that guy is in his late 20′s.

  7. Jesus fuck … how did I miss the original post of this? And how can I miss it now?

  8. Pepper's Pot

    she’s 45 years old. 45. years. old.

  9. Moe

    needs to change that major to gnarly bitch… got DAMN

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