1. Q-Ball

    I saw a lot of people commenting on the original post about how messed up her boobs look, but I’m pretty sure the boob part is some kind of skin-colored foam plate meant to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. If you look, it’s a slightly different color/texture from her skin.

    • Cock Dr

      Those are Ms Curry’s big fake boobs.
      The site knows these things; the blogger has made a long term intensive study of the subject.

    • I agree with Dr. That is simply makeup on horrible FAKE boobies. Come on they all so fake. Look at an expensive organic burger or perfectly half cut cantaloupe and I see Andianne ‘s boobs. What a pity.
      Please beautiful women simply let nature take its course, men will appreciate it.

      • Gin&Tonic

        Nature taking its course works for small tits, natural big tits and nature equals rock-in-a-sock when they get older. WELL done fake tits I’m all for, just take a look at the chick from blurred lines. Adrienne’s bolt-ons are god-awful but thats what you get for buying them on the cheap

  2. Damnit!!! I still want them!

  3. Porkpie

    Jesus. I have a gym sock in my hand. Guess what I’m about to do.

  4. telemarketer


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