1. tom

    Does he exercise his brain as much as he exercise his body?

  2. Bill Cosby in the back like “I’ll bippity boppity boop a bitch who messes with the Biebs”.

  3. Seriously want this to be the case! And fuck yeah LOL!

  4. Awesome. The low-res photo just adds to the joke. Well done.

  5. Mos

    She sure does like hanging around with a bunch of guys. So much for being a lesbian!

  6. he is contracting his abs so hard that he ends up looking like he is taking an impressive shit.

  7. Dick Dangles

    Boat load of douche…….
    Sharks retching violently undersea near by……..

  8. Odbarc

    Beiber heard of something so gay that it can only be done in international waters.

  9. Mr. Honest

    Douches ahoy!

  10. watertiger

    All hands on the poopdeck.

  11. anonym

    That’s a sausage orgy for sure.

  12. anonym

    getting ready for a circle jerk.

  13. Ms Gomez

    Looks more like a random photo from an Amateur Gay Porn website.

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