1. Whip

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL YOU FIX THE GODDAMN CAPTIONS??? It’s only been 6mos, so no rush or anything.

  2. That costume reminds me of this version of Spider-Man:

  3. Yo Whip-

    1. Relax
    2. Refresh your screen AFTER you click to the next photo. Pain in the ass yes, but it works.
    3. Enjoy.

  4. “How many times do I have to return this to Farrah Abraham?”

    …this caption works pretty damn well.

  5. Whip


    1. No
    2. Or they could, you know, FIX IT. Pain in the ass, yes, but then it would work.
    3. Shut up.

  6. Aww someone’s little puss puss hurts. :(

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