1. Mark

    Batman 1989! Nice reference.

  2. Lea

    wanna marry whoever wrote that comment !! genius looool

  3. Cynthia

    Get over it, just about everyone has a foot fetish.

    • No they don’t. A lot of people have some sort of fetish, some even weirder (I know mine is), but you don’t see a lot of people (outside the porn industry) who make movies in order to satisfy their fetish. I may be taking this too far (OK, I AM), but I still haven’t gotten over Kurt Russell sucking Rosario Dawson’s toes in Death Proof…

  4. Fishballs

    If they ever make a live action Family Guy movie…well…Giggity.

  5. anonymous

    You just know that he is looking at Kerry Washington’s ass in the pic and using the N-word in his mind.

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