1. Edvard Munch

    Its so glamorous. The cheek pierce says both “look at me” and “I’m ashamed of myself”.

  2. kaylia

    am i the only person who cannot see any of the captions aside from the first one?. the pictures slide but the caption stays the same -_-

    • Refresh after skipping to the next picture. Kind of defeats the point of having a no-load system that people supposedly wants, but whatever.

  3. disapointed

    The next button is not changing the captions…..whos the n00b that posted this one?!?! They will work is you launch each individual picture from the home page…..

  4. Dick Smokehand

    Who has to listen to their phone/iPod in a local car ride?

  5. That’s Amanda Bynes? My daughter and I watched an old eopisode of “The Amanda Show” the other day. She was a cute, funny little girl. I’m sorry she has turned into tabloid fodder.

  6. Burt

    If that’s her, she looks like she’s lost some weight.

  7. anonymous

    Looks like a german herpes blister.

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