1. Ruth


  2. SIN

    That line would work better on the Bigfoot Kardashian.

  3. Squishy

    Sweet. Mother. Of. God.

  4. ChonchArcola

    dammit..the t-shirt shop couldn’t read her writing either…should’ve said “I’M FAT”

  5. kimmykimkim

    Fucking great! Haha!

  6. malberry


  7. s'up bitches

    She bad alright. Bad to look at!

  8. Task

    Is that the ewok version of the poodle cut?

  9. dani

    The best one of the week.

  10. MickNina

    I would throw it in her. I would also let her sit on my face. No kissing though. You don’t know where that mouth has been!

  11. I can’t unsee it now. :/

  12. LOL – Ok that one was good…

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