1. guy rossi

    “Oh my gawd! I’ve never walked on water before. Thanks Justin!”

    “Anytime bitch”

  2. Drundel

    Does anyone else see her as having a mustache?

  3. Dank

    Does he seriously have a Miley Cyrus-esque tatoo under his arm? Christ this kid couldnt get more gay if he sucked George Micheal’s cock.

  4. Uncle Jemima

    She looks like Prince in that picture. Complete with the penciled in mustache.

  5. TomFrank

    It does look that way, but if you View Full Size and zoom in, it looks more like she’s licking her upper lip with her tongue.

  6. Nothing says “I’m an edgy and complex man” like a tattoo that your mom had to sign a waiver for at the shop.

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