1. Bucky Barnes


  2. I laughed then, and I laugh now. Solid.

  3. Brooke

    McFeely, just go and get your own blog already. You could be (ad) partners in crime with Fish.

  4. who dat

    Who is that???

  5. Jovy

    Ew LORD, who is this manatee?

  6. vlad

    See how she changes from taking pictures of herself to when the pap takes pics of her? I guess you can really look thinner by holding your breath

  7. IHatePoopinAtWork

    How the fark did she blow up like this when she was just doing the grainy cell phone flex in an ill fitting bikini a week or two ago? Did she inhale a boat load of of Mexican food along w/a ton of salty Margaritas? Or did she just nosh on several Mexicans? Trickery! With all those chins…and those sausage thighs….she’d split that same horrid fitting suit in twain right now.

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