1. Cock Dr

    It’s not inconceivable that a porn star could also be a good parent.
    But it sure makes things more complicated.
    Sooner or later the offspring are going to see the adult entertainment product, and they’re going to probably hear about it all their lives. That could get tiresome.
    And really, what business of mine is it that this skank will likely raise up her daughter to be useless, vain & narcissistic?

    • Brooke

      Didn’t Pam Anderson mention her kids are old enough to use the internet now and they get bullied at school because everyone in the world has seen their mom’s juggernauts? And she wasn’t even a legit porn star (uh, officially… we’ve all seen her vag’ of course).

  2. Jovy

    Does that little girl have french tips? French tips on a child, really? She’s already on her way to becoming just like mommy at this rate…

  3. G Reventlov

    I probably shouldn’t mention what those fingers at her mouth could be symbolizing. I’ll leave that to one of you degenerates.

    • Eugene

      Guilty as charged … 1st thing I thought of. :^(

    • IHatePoopinAtWork

      I immediately got the urge to Lysol wipe my monitor directly on the child’s mouth. It wouldn’t help her at all but it might help me sleep better tonight. This woman is an STD w/flamingo legs. The kid will for sure have lip Herps now. Damn it all!

  4. nina poop

    is she wearing eyeliner?

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