1. Cock Dr

    She does have an amazing figure.
    Abs & arms of steel; haunches of horse.

  2. SIN

    That is one lame ass comment to use.

    • I neither understand it, nor think it’s clever. the fact that it’s also not credited to anyone would be a big relief if I’d written it.

    • Arizona Ken

      It didn’t even get credited to the right picture. The picture I posted that comment to would’ve made more sense, but who am I kdding – I’m lame, the comment was lame, and now I’m going to kill myself from the mean posts.

  3. Mr. Sneaky Man

    Did anyone make a reference to Atlas?

  4. c-h

    the Kardashian that no one talks about…

  5. Fletch

    This is what ultimately happens to your body after years of steroid use.

  6. irishboyo

    That is the body of a goddess. Or a Nubian princess. She is teh sexy.

  7. cc

    There’s an Olsen twin concealed in each ass cheek.

  8. I feel like superficial just kinda halfassed it this week. Some of them were hilarious (can i thine your tiths) but others like this, not so much. Did he write this himself? He missed some good ones like the Adam Lambert Sphincter Sphintoria.

  9. me

    She is fucking gross.

  10. lawlitsamanidiots

    who the fuck is this dude

  11. Eric

    Why do they always have to change things? I liked She-Hulk better when she was green.

  12. This woman is hot. Wow. Wow!

  13. eskwire

    Japan has installed a new defense against tsunamis.

  14. Heinrich Himmler

    Excuse me while I go and wash my eyes out with bleach.

  15. lukas

    tracey jordan is one crazy dude

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