1. reformed_druid

    Another victim of weird shirt.

  2. Ed

    Sex symbol just isn’t your bit Kesha, try drunk and easy chick.

  3. the doorman

    This whore is one of the worst of all the whores. Tries too hard, fails miserably, and not the least bit attractive. Oh and her “music” is awful too, of course.

  4. Brooke

    Holy crap, there IS a boob under her armpit. Perceptive comment!

  5. Suds

    It looks more like an ass under her armpit.

  6. If the photo is her Coahella “Artist” photo, it was taken by a renowned photographer responsible for HUNDREDS of incredible celebrity profiles…especially for Coachella performers and visitors. Even HE couldn’t make her look good and he made CeeLo look good.

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