1. The O

    Honestly, I just can’t believe he’s white.

  2. Cock Dr

    Bucky shoots & scores.
    Butt it’s not that hard since the target is so large.

  3. Ruth

    Sad thing is she’s wearing 5 inch heels.

  4. Nobody's Second Cousin

    This has to be photoshopped. She’s smiling at the middle of his back, if they are actually in the same photo. And I think they aren’t.

  5. suck it

    Oh god.. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and he is also from a family that also used all “K” names for the children.

  6. suck it

    And on a side note: does anyone else notice that her men keep getting lighter and lighter. Maybe by 2013 or 2014 she will have given up the brothas all together?

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