1. deeznutz


  2. pretty vacant

    srsly the only difference is the hair color and of course, khloe shaves.

  3. wth

    holy shit they look the same lol

  4. … And they both have matching ham wallets

  5. Dont be stupid

    This dude never fucked Kris Jenner, stop believing everything the Kardashian publicity machine tells you.

  6. b

    Her father is perez hilton?

  7. Um, am I alone in my thinking that she is beautiful??? I have never once thought of her as an ogre! She seems like the only sweet one, too, so maybe this hairdresser guy gave her some good genes.

    • lagra

      yeah ur alone.
      but nice try khloe.

    • Kardashian-Hater

      Naw, you’re not alone, you’re just fucking blind!

    • Trek Girl

      No, you’re not alone. I think she’s beautiful, and the least offensive of the three Kardashian girls. Sure, she can say some pretty gross things, but she more than makes up for that with her common sense and rationality. There was a scene in her wedding special where she, her mom, and either one of her sisters or her best friend, went shopping for kitchenware to put on her gift registry. Her mom loved a place setting that cost several hundred dollars – more than $400.00 for just one place setting – and didn’t think it was unreasonable at all. Khloe looked at her mom like she was crazy, and basically said that not only would her friends not be able to afford such gifts, but that it was crazy to pay that much for one place setting anyway. Seriously, how could one not like Khloe after she does something like that?

  8. Black is Back

    She’s half black and hides her afro because she’s ashamed to be half black.

  9. Kardashian-Hater

    Let the Wookie win!

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