1. Just Bob

    She looks like she got dressed for a hooker convention.

  2. Rita

    I Cameron 50ish?

  3. Hank

    Those blue-blue eyes…I’d still hit it, repeatedly and vigorously…

    • Filthy Phil

      Yeah all that sinewy skin, and a face that looks like some toothless beggar at the entrance to some southwestern mineshaft. Yeah this old broad looks great. Another hollywood skank who has aged very badly and all the plastic surgery in the world can’t hide it.

  4. Sin

    I have taken home much worse.

  5. Filthy Phil

    OMG, she is aging badly. How sad she looked so good in Mask, now she looks like Gabby Hayes. What is it with anglo women that make them age so badly.

  6. Jenn

    She looks a bit like Cloris Leachman here. If Cloris was an ugly drunk. Ugh.

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