1. Bringbackbabalu

    Pfff mine was better!

  2. ugh

    I thought that was Justin Bieber, seriously.


    Why is she making that face?????

    • Moo Cow Hunter

      Either she has difficulty accepting being a lesbian. Or just remembered chipmunks store walnuts for winter and she forgot to.

  4. Edvard Munch

    Is that Cher’s ass?

  5. ih8bieber

    yes Beaver and Mylar look the same now

  6. Eddiies

    She looks like Roger Rabbit. Check it out, you know I`m right.

  7. Miley's strap-on

    WTF is this..angry lesbian sex?

  8. friendlyretort

    I thought that was Bieber and Selena for a minute.

  9. miley done gone and became ellen degeneres. mixed with drugs. and Pink. honestly, she looks like pink. that’s what i’m getting out of this. pink. and ellen. and drugs.

  10. Veronika Larsson

    And somewhere, there are two mothers who just couldn’t be any prouder of their daughters. *Sniff* Their babies have growed up.

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