1. jeffiner

    i’m so sick of that pose.

    • You need to work on your patience. That’s a very nice pose. It suggests that the model is ready to have someone enter her vaginally. Isn’t that really the point of all of this stuff?

  2. Jill Ess

    smarty pants

  3. Mama Pinkus

    I usually send Maxim to soldiers in Afghanistan but I will skip this issue (don’t worry, I’ll send ‘em the latest HOOTERS instead) – they have it bad enough already without inflicting that tired wretch on them

  4. Ya

    That is the best comment I have ever seen on here!!

  5. EricLr

    Thanks to this one picture, somewhere there is a Photoshop guru with carpal tunnel syndrome.

  6. yo

    I thought this would picked.

    Hilarity at it’s finest.

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