1. Cock Dr

    Will never be able to comprehend why some of these selections so goosed the blogger.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      oh first of all it goes by favorites and unfavorites. granted he can ban them but that would not be good for the blo to ban people he didnt like commenting on his blog. there are limits in what Fish will really disgusting comments. the normal sex jokes are nothing.

      after the favorites or unfavorites are posted he will then choose randomly. TBh half of the stuff he chooses i really do not unerstand the joke . the ones whch are inside jokes do not count.
      this is why you will see some jokes that are truly funny will never get posted as the reason is because it was told by an unfavorite.

      since you got posted here you are among the favorites. this one is funny because it is sort of the truth. she does look like a ghost. and a lot of humor is a funny way to tell the truth about something.

  2. edamame

    Crack is whack.

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