1. Grafikman

    Badump, ttssshh…

  2. edamame

    Look at that hand! :0

    • Carla

      holyshit cryptkeeper hands :O what’s up with these old hos spending a fortune on the rest of their skin but not bothering to slather their paws with Banana Boat to prevent this?

  3. Mama Pinkus

    I thought she got her lips fixed – they look as bad as ever there

  4. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Baby chokin’ norks on this one ! !

  5. anna

    Dont hate cause you want those lips around your Dick, and aint having those lips around your dick,haha

    • I’m pretty sure they are hard as rock, because she did them back in the day when they just injected No More Gaps, and it sets hard.
      I suspect your dick would feel like it was being gripped in a vice, but that could be it’s own kind of popular. :)

  6. The Toker

    New and improved Joker products!

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