1. Mangina


  2. TXZen

    Her glasses match her shorts; oh, and nice cleavage.

  3. bender

    i am most impressed by her breasts

    • Cher X

      Yeah but they have to be fake. She never had them before and a push up bra can’t do all that. However, it does take away from the rest of her which ain’t a bad thing.

  4. Those tits are spectacular.

  5. Capitalist Pancake

    There’s no way you can convince me that she’s not a straight up hooker now.

  6. karlito

    i hope that this is a sign that her boobies will be popping soon for all of us to enjoy. i really hope she does the Lilo, at least in the naked department.

  7. Frank


  8. Fake tits…to much silicone…she’s like margerine, easy to spread…telling her hand, ‘I can’t believe you did that last night’…Cherry Sloe Gin, it’s what’s for breakfast…

  9. Big Rick

    i dunno if they are fake, they look pretty jiggly, either way killer rack, i’d take her home lookin all hookerish no problem, i wonder if maybe she’s smoking some boulders? sucking the devils dick? puffffin rocks? cause she definetly looks like shes been introduced to the fabled crack rock off washed up celebrity fucktards

  10. anna

    Another dumb ass that needs to be behind bars, and I mean jail!!

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