1. jeffiner

    when his hair covers most of his face like that he actually sort of looks somewhat hot.

  2. Sand

    “He? The dog?” Then I scrolled back up and realized it wasn’t a Madonna-aged woman but Steven Tyler.

  3. Jabril

    She probably isn’t. First, she’s smart; I’m pertty sure she wouldn’t be where she is right now in Hollywood if she was stupid, because so far there are no pics of her naked leaked onto the internet right now, and she’s managing herself pertty well. I feel bad for her, because she’s such a good actress and more, but ever since she began dating Justin Bieber, she’s been labeled as a whore and boyfriend-stealer , despite she’s not either. But the whole PDA thing put a new siting on her. I’ve seen pics of her at Justin Bieber’s house with just some shorts and a tank top on while he’s wearing no shirt and shorts. It’s kind of disgusting. Like, I feel like their entire relationship is a stunt. She wants more fame, and here it is: she’s dating the #1 pop star. She’s leaking pics onto the internet to get more attention from others so they pay attention to her. It’s quite smart, actually. If she was pregnant, think about it. She would be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby! Image the publicity that would get. I support Selena & Justin, but their relationship is giving me headaches with the freak outs and reactions of all the stupid Bieblebers. They’re beginning to annoy me :/

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