1. Joaquin ingles

    This… woman was horrifying 10 years ago. Doesn’t she have another book to write or something?

  2. jeffiner

    that’s quite a wide vagina to be covered by such a narrow panty.

  3. Blech

    Nope, still disgusted…

  4. Blech

    And this still looks like a suicide-fail.

  5. Laurie

    Does anybody see a problem with what that poor little blank panty is trying its best to cover up? It’s like a third, larger set of labia have sprung up. If that happens with old age, I’m jumping in front of a train before I hit 40.

  6. the crazy betty

    what a giant snatch

  7. squishy

    WTF is that??? The first ever elephant toe or a goddamn growth!?!!

  8. tommy

    over-ripe poon

  9. ae

    wowza.. thats a huge vagina.

  10. TB

    that is obviously photoshopped. you people are just stupid

  11. i bet it smells like mozzarella and pickle juice

  12. Marlyn

    She tried but couldn’t hide her great wide divide.

  13. Martina

    I’m sure her daughter is really proud of her mom

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