1. Lemmiwinks

    If the pap had stepped back you’d realize Suri is carrying Tom.

  2. Joaquin ingles


  3. downwithmuffins

    pure win.

  4. Tinka

    I dreamt about Tom last night. I traveled back in time to warn him about his future. He already knew the movies he was going to make, so I was like “What? That Scientology crap really works?” and then told him what it’ll do to his relationships. Saddened, he quit acting and decided that he should become a surgeon. Realising my mistake, I had to talk him back into acting, telling he was one of the greatest. I think the dream ended with him having sex with some random chick. So, long story short: I spend way too much time on this site.

  5. rospo

    So the mighty garbage truck will now follow JC’s car..

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