1. Shasta


  2. mark

    Kid will end up a wreck.

  3. von


  4. Blubbo The Clown

    Spoiled. Fucking. Brat.

    Katie may have planned everything but the one thing I guarantee she didn’t plan for is this little spoiled twat who will run to Pope Tom and his stupid cult because he’s ready to give her Elron’s Magic Pony as long as she doesn’t talk to the press about “Uncle Jerry” who only comes over after midnight.

    • Burt

      Trashing an innocent little girl on the internet. What a sorry waste of space you are.

      • JK

        He may be trashing on her and it’s a dick move, but around that he has a point. Tom spoiled her rotten, horribly so, and kept almost no rules either. She could ask or cry for whatever and get it, and now someone is putting their foot down (mommy) and she doesn’t like it. if any of the stupid rumors online or print are true, odds are when he can come out to see her a bit he’ll give her all sorts of crazy stuff and have her hang around with some of his cult following buddies or his two kids he turned against his last wife. All that adds up to trouble.

        That said, if this isn’t puppy related I wouldn’t blame her for being pissed at a bunch of stalker assholes with flashbulbs always following her around — I’d be annoyed too.

  5. FanGirl

    awww she’s so cute

  6. fvalen001

    Suri practices mind control that she learned from her dad. “What? Yes, of course I will buy you a pony.”

  7. claudia

    We need to talk about Suri

  8. Blech

    Suri is so cute.

    She probably just made the paps pee their pants but… she’s still so cute!

  9. quoi?

    she’s going to grow up to be insane.

  10. Tyler Perry

    no comments on the black guy saying it all with his eyes? “bitch, you crazy!”

  11. Militia

    Incorrect- Katie has no soul.

  12. Martina

    turns out it’s too late to save Suri

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