1. Coyote

    What does Thor and The Fantastic Four have in common. NOTHING

    • And what do the Fantastic Four and The Incredibles have in common? About the same thing. However, if you put together a woman who looks like Edna Modes with a superhero and his baby in mufti, you’ve got something really worthy of TMIPOTI.

      If you’re really not gonna get why the comment was chosen, sometimes it’s better to just pout in silence rather than emphatically underline that you just got off the short bus.

      • I’m not sure I get why this comment was chosen, but stinky mcpoop’s “Edna Mode asking him how the super-suit she made fits the baby”—posted five hours earlier—doesn’t get at least an assist or something.

      • Probably because this was a direct quote that relied on your mind making the connection, rather than laying it all out the way mcpoop did – mentioning Edna Modes, uniform, etc. sort of pulled the plug so it wasn’t as good. I dunno, sometimes if it’s left to you to make the connection all on your own, it’s somehow just funnier.

  2. Colin

    Kudos to Meatus

  3. pascalecake

    This one is the best one.

  4. Michelle


  5. Turd Ferguson

    yesss dahling

  6. KM

    Love it.

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