1. fvalen001

    Release the Krack Whoooore! RAAAAWR!!!

  2. Mocaleenie

    Look, a female Spongebob!

  3. toni

    when i first saw this pic, i thought it was snookie with bleached hair!

    • ilikesake

      I was thinking the exact same thing… stupid face, pancake boobs, ugly hair, must be snooki and it looks like she lost weight

    • KV

      Sorry, I just posted the same thing you said. Hadn’t read the comments. She does look exactly like a blonde Snooki.

  4. achilles wrath

    The harpoons, man them!!

  5. KV

    For a minute I thought it was a blonde Snooki. She does look like Jersey Shore whore to me

  6. MILF

    That suit looked better on Borat.

  7. Stranger

    Go away already…geez

  8. grdoll

    Shark Bait.

  9. lily

    hideous….i love how shes always wearing those monokini style swim suits to try to hide her wide shapeless torso….nothing could fix that body. FAIL.

  10. Jason

    She has to put extensions on that bikini like a fat guy in an airplane.

  11. miklo

    I stared at the picture for like 10 seconds thinking why snooki dyed her hair but whats more shocking is that this is Aubrey looking like Snooki. I’d hit em both… at the same time!

  12. Bob

    I’d hit it! more than once too!!

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