1. kimmykimkim

    Mmm shoes. Holy hell this bitch is so hot it hurts. The one on the left, specifically.

  2. sitsdeep

    Only a few years ago Johnny was the ultimate family man in a total tizzy about his sick child and distressed wife…..does this mean mid life crisis is such a critical condition that his priorities can do a major reverse in such a short time? oooweee, some strange can work wonders on a man, no?

  3. Some!? For God’s sake Lava looks at this chick and says Thats HOT! Johnny can afford the best medical attention for his child, and he paid the price for whatever he did by being with that Chris Walken looking chick. Let the man enjoy himself I know I would.

  4. Odious_One

    He has a Beard!

  5. Caleb

    I wish that retarded douchebag would get rid of those fucking glasses…and wash that grease-caked hair. Ugh. Can you imagine waking up to the smell of that in the morning??

  6. Jack

    If you saw The Rum Diary you knew this was coming….

  7. bob

    He looks unhappy.

  8. Cherie

    ^This, plus a mouth that looks like a chicken’s bum.

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