1. edamame

    He looks like Darryl Hall’s crackhead cousin.

  2. GregVersion2

    Rickety Cricket is looking good for a dirty street rat.

  3. Fappuccino

    Homeless alone?

  4. Hank E. Ring

    This kid shouldn’t intimidate me, but he did land and hold Mila Kunis for a long time.

  5. Forrest Gump

    Cricket is looking good.

  6. Gary Busey got tooth cancer?!?!?!

  7. Crispy Anus

    AIDS is a bitch. :(

  8. Ann

    It’s an old picture btw.

    • Winnie

      I thought so too! I was all shocked because I thought oh no – he’s back to looking that way again – but you might be right – old picture.

  9. Pine Table Fever

    If the camera adds ten pounds, I can’t imagine what he looks like in real life.

  10. may the faust be with you

    this picture is like 3 months old.

  11. tlmck

    Home alone with a bathtub full of meth.

  12. SeeAlice

    Now that there loks like Meth and the AIDS.

  13. Asmo

    Wow. Making fun of a man who is restricted to a wheelchair. Yup, that’s classy right there.

  14. skarnex

    He looks like FIDO DIDO

  15. duder

    Oh fuck off and get a sense of humor, Asmo. Have you read this site? If you don’t think funny stuff is funny, go hang out at or something.

  16. Winnie

    Oh my god – what happened??

  17. mikel246

    looks like meth done it again,,, turns a perfectly good human into skin and bone….

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