1. Add her to the pile of ‘Failed Youth’.

  2. This one made me laugh aloud long enough to make my mom question my sanity.

  3. suck it

    hahahahahahaha lmao

  4. ME

    Is he ever not holding his dick?

  5. YoMamma

    Wow – my first mention! Uh-hem… I’d like to thank Chris Brown, for if he wasn’t such a fucking asshole, this never would’ve been possible. Keep beatin’ cheatin’ and snitchin’ Breezy…

  6. Whoa, whoa. Mr. Brown will have enough beatings for E’RYBODY!

  7. YagiSka

    I, for one, am sympathetic to CB. Imagine living your life in constant fear that your dick was about to fall off.

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