1. achilles wrath

    I love photos of this guy, he’s so menacing and comical at the same time! Like the Terminator.

  2. A blond boy with atrophied legs is being stared at menacingly by some grown man. This may just be the creepiest pic of the year. I mean, it IS impressive that the boy can walk with the legs of a paralyzed toddler, but the whole thing is still creepy.

  3. adsd

    I thought that guy–not scars–had a yamica (how do u spell it??) on. I guess his hair just looks like a little hat.

  4. Vandal

    I remember watching an episode of The Simpsons where Homer cut his jeans down and he had the pockets sticking out of the bottom like this bint has. The whole idea was that Homer was stupid for leaving them like that. So now all these women are as dumb as Homer Simpson? Fuck this planet.

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