1. sophie

    vast improvement

  2. theoriginal LJ

    Why is Bieber wearing Michael Jackson’s glove on his face?

  3. Venice

    Purchased from the Michael Jackson estate sale.

  4. Venice

    Have the auditions for the submissive role in “Fifty Shades of Grey” begun already?

  5. CranAppleSnapple

    Bieb, that’s Michael Jackson’s merkin. Oh whatever, keep it where it is.

  6. anonymous

    I’d wear Selena’s underwear on my face too.

  7. Dish

    Someone’s been watching too much TMNT. Shredder envy if I’ve ever seen it..

  8. lori

    He looks so pleased with himself. LOL.

  9. Notafan

    What a right twat.

  10. Anyone else notice his futile attempts to become a black man have turned into him trying to become the pasty white Canadian lesbian version of Michael Jackson?
    When the fuck will Usher dump this kid? His way over the pedo range.

  11. mike

    He must love playing MW2 but he defiles the memories of Simon “Ghost” Riley

  12. “Then there wuz Justin Beeber. A man so mean he once shot a man for laughing at his van.”

  13. Tom

    What a tool.

  14. Next on Outlaw Empires. Justin the Beeb Bieber rode a rhinestone encrusted 67 panhead for the Hells Angels

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