1. lori

    Matchy ankle bracelets. That’s new.

  2. Jade

    I don’t get Jessica. I mean, she really is a pretty girl, but somehow she managed to undo all that with a crappy haircut and even worse clothing choices. The worst part? The whole ‘look’ probably cost a ton of $$.

  3. Stranz

    It’s just the hair…
    Congratulations to Kate. She don’t mess up with her hair and play safe with her dresses. But that’s all.
    Jessica is even prettier than Kate, and her body is 10x more attractive than Kate’s.
    In a bikini there never was any comparison. And this is no insult to Kate. Jessica’s body is 10 of 10, and her ass is 11 of 10!

  4. Blech

    I dunno. Maybe you’d enjoy having conversations with Jessica’s ass because not much seems to be upstairs.

    But Kate is the WHOLE package. Looks, brains, class, talent, AND she hasn’t fucked Justin Timberlake.

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