1. disillusionisreal

    She’d have no problem finding a vein, that’s for sure….

  2. OK that’s a picture that says – You should retire gracefully.
    At least Madonna can afford it.


  3. dooood

    i’d like to see you look so good when U are 10,000 years old

  4. KC

    comedy gold

  5. Mama Pinkus

    she is fucking gross – honey it is WAY past time to pass the overrated-ho baton

  6. Blech


  7. Mangina


  8. instahater

    I was lucky enough to miss this on the first pass. Seriously? If anyone who wasn’t famous dressed like this at her age, they would be institutionalized for senility. She hasn’t even been marginally successful in a disney pop star’s entire lifetime I bet. Someone just put her down, like Old Yeller.

  9. Jen

    More excited than I should be =)

  10. I don’t care what you say. Hillary Rodham Clinton is still smoking hot!

  11. CrispyFriedCareer

    Making herself look ridiculous. Can’t believe anyone would pay actual money to see & hear this dried up hag.

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